What kind of organisation is HANT?

HANT is a constituted unincorporated voluntary membership organisation with a constitution adopted on 9 April 2013.

There is no Membership subscription but donations are welcomed at Public Meetings, events or at any time. All donations are paid into the HANT Bank Account with the Co-operative Bank and a register of members is maintained and any Member/Supporter can withdraw their membership if they wish.

HANT’s finances are managed by a voluntary elected treasurer who reports to Committee Meetings and the AGM. All members are invited to all HANT Meetings and events including the AGM.

Since Covid HANT has met online and has been represented at many NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Nuclear Forums but plans to return to a mix of on-line and face to face public meetings when restrictions are lifted.

Who can become a member of HANT?

Membership is open to anyone who supports HANT’s Objects and the Management Committee is responsible for accepting applications for Membership but also has the power to refuse, at its discretion, admission to membership.

Members are invited to all public meetings and are encouraged to attend and participate in other events or activities organised by HANT.

HANT can only be an active organisation if Members play an active part in its activities.

HANT circulates a Bulletin to all member / supporters and encourages feedback which can also be given on HANT’s Facebook page.

How is HANT run?

Decisions about HANT’s campaigns are decided by (and its assets is managed by) a Management Committee elected at the AGM or appointed by the Management Committee between AGM’s if necessary, and decisions are influenced by the input of Members at Public Meetings and events

The maximum number of members of the Management Committee is 15 but in practice the number has been around 5, including office bearers of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee has the power to elect other office bearers if required

The Committee meets by Skype about every two months and the quorum is three

To be elected on to the Management Committee the person must be a Member

A register is kept of Management Committee Members and their names (and personal statement) will normally be on HANT’s website

All Management Committee members have to retire from office at the AGM – but are then eligible for re-election

Do HANT Committee Members receive any remuneration?

No – HANT Committee Members receive no remuneration but can be paid all travelling and other expenses reasonably incurred in the business of HANT

How often does HANT have meetings or events?

In practice HANT has held public meetings approximately every quarter and Committee Meetings in between the public meetings. In between Committee Meetings and public meetings Committee members communicate regularly

Where are HANT’s meetings held?

HANT meetings have been mostly held in Dingwall as those most active live in the Easter Ross area, but HANT has also held meetings in Inverness, Ullapool end Muir of Ord and is open to any suggestions about meetings in other places

Why should you join HANT’s contact list of members?

If you join HANT’s contact list of Members you can expect to receive regular information / newsletters about HANT’s activities and future meetings and at the Public Meetings you will have an opportunity to join in discussions about current issues and put forward suggestions for future activities

It is important for HANT to have as many Members as possible as this ensures that HANT’s campaigns become more widely known about and new people can join the Committee or contribute at meetings and in other ways. HANT is more likely to be listened to if it can demonstrate an active membership and is currently 350+.

Does HANT plan any activities that may be regarded as legal offences?

No – HANT has never organised or advocated activities which could be in breach of the law. If, for example, it was planned to have a peaceful demonstration the HANT Committee would check in advance that the demonstration was legal end carry out a risk assessment and would inform the relevant authorities of their plans and would ensure that those taking part were not at any risk to themselves or others

How is HANT financed and what does it spend its funding on?

HANT has received donations from Members at public meetings and has successfully applied for grants from the Schiehallion Fund, Lush, and Edge Funds. HANT also held a fund-raising gig in Ullapool in September 2015 and ran a Crowdfunder Campaign in 2017.

HANT uses its funding to pay for meeting venues, IT & finance support, travelling expenses for Committee Members attending relevant meetings & events and other expenses directly related to HANT’s activities. HANT intends to continue raising money by donations, fund-raising and applying for any grants for which HANT is eligible